Friday , October 7 2022

Free iPhone display -Deshebideshe


Consumers on Apple's iPhone have been complaining for a long time, a bad display on the iPhone. Apple finally accepted the complaint.

Apple has said that there are some problems with the iPhone X phone display. Apple has a problem with the flagship flag of the 2017 flagship iPhone.

On the official support page of the company, "some iPhone X customers have trouble experiencing problems. Customers face difficulties with the display on this issue. & # 39;

In two ways, Apple may be known to be an issue with your iPhone X phone. If you do not touch any part of the display, or if the sensor does not work on the entire display, there is a problem with that phone. Apple also said that the phone had problems with the phone, even though it did not answer the touch screen.

If you have any problems with these two phones, your phone will be free on Apple. However, if this issue is only available on the iPhone X, Apple will fix this problem for free. The customer should invest money to correct this issue in any other way.

But Apple has made some cases to alter this display. If iPhone X is damaged, the phone will not be free of charge from Apple Apple also can not release the display if it breaks or breaks. If you have any other questions on your phone, Apple will get your phone free only if you have received your money.

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