Saturday , June 3 2023

Google is bringing two operating system tablets? –


The first Chrome OS based on the pixel-pixel tablet & # 39; is the operating system
With Windows 10 can support launch,
As a result, this device can run two operating systems simultaneously.

OS is a Linux-based Linux operating system. Google
The main user interface for Chrome Web browser support is the primary web application
Used as well.

In the technology report of Windows Vista, the latest on the technology site said, "The company is in the PixelBook & # 39;
Windows 10 can give you a chance to run. This means that Google will soon be on Google's PixelBook
Windows 10 can be executed. "

& # 39; & # 39 Altos; also known as Campfire for the Project & # 39 ;. This is a dual boot for Chrome OS
The name of the environment can be the name of the project to create an environment
In the report.

The slate is also called & # 39; Knock-out & # 39; and is a Hardware Hardware Certification Kit (WHCK)
And may have received the Certificate of Windows Hardware Lab Kit # 39; The device has two
The way to run the operating system will be open.

According to the site report, Google has secretly named 'Altos Dual Boot'. From her
It is certain that both operating systems duplicate this project.

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