Tuesday , May 24 2022

How to Apply Candidate's Dissertations online – 701973 | Calero Cantonese


The Election Commission (EC) for the first time organized forms for online nominations. For this reason, the Election Commission issued a rule on online candidate nomination on Saturday.

Submitting documents with title:
1. Enter the web portal and enter the nominal papers, the name of the person, national identification number, mobile phone number, e-mail identifier, polling station number and name are registered for nominal papers. After registration the person who wants to submit the nominal documents will receive the user name and password. You can load the nominal paper using your username and password.

2. Using a username and password, a candidate can submit his / her nominee and related documents and submit it in pdf format.

3. After submitting these nominal documents, send SMS automatically to the given mobile number of the candidate.

4. The sender's official sends the fifth part of the nominal paper with the nominal number of the nominal paper, the date and the date of issue, the date and time of signing and the place of placement, the date and time at the fifth part, and also sends the candidate to PDF.

5. Nomination documents shall be issued to the employee, who returned the interested return on the nominal papers within the deadline.

According to the schedule, the 11th parliamentary elections will be held on December 23. The deadline for submission of these documents is November 19 (Monday). And on November 22 (Thursday) is the date of selection in nominations. The deadline for the nomination is November 29 (Thursday).

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