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I'm afraid I'm still scared Mummie


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Entertainment Reporter: Duke Film Director Mumita Mou Today, she is in the hands of the golden chain stealers. After returning from exams on Sunday, Mumia was detained by the Sistanbulab city thieves.

At that moment a golden kneeling on his neck was pulled out by a robber. However, there was no major accident and he was injured.

In this regard, Mumita Mo says, "I returned home from Eden College. After reaching the sunlight, the thieves dropped my neck. I was terrified, but I was not scared. It is strange that the rickshaw stuck on the scene. Then all the people around him watched the incident. No one complained.

In 2013, filmmaker Pen Kaler published a "Tum Orhei thheb". After the film's release, film directors saw it. He then worked in several films, including Raju Chudhuri's "Tu Ekin Mere", Saiman Tariq, "Charity Parby" and Shamimul Islam Shamma's "Ekmtoe Swapna".

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