Friday , October 7 2022

India is thinking of choosing Bangladesh


India's High Commissioner for Human Rights in Bangladesh, Harsh Vardhan Sringala, said India was happy to participate in Bangladesh. He said: "They want Bangladesh to continue the democracy in the eternal and timely fashion, and the government should be set up by all means."

On Wednesday, the High Commissioner met with the Health and Family Affairs Minister Mohammad Nasim in the Secretariat.

Meanwhile, Health and Family Care Minister Mohammad Nasim said the government is always ready to hold elections through the construction of all parties. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina congratulated her on taking part in the elections.

Speaking about friendship between Bangladesh and India, the current government is working to boost this bilateral relationship with the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. People in Bangladesh are always grateful to India for its contribution to the war of independence.

The High Commissioner of India stressed the priority of the foreign policy of friendly relations with neighboring countries. India places a special emphasis on Bangladesh. India believes that this region can play a positive role in the development of Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Nasim is in the process of building six medical colleges in the cities of Jessore, Pabna, Noahali, Cox Bazar, Ptuahali and Djampurur with the support of the Government of India. The Minister of Health reminded that the country supports 36 new clinics in the country.

According to him, not only the health sector, but also India's contribution to the socio-economic development of Bangladesh is a factor influencing the development of relations between the two countries.

Harsh Vardan Shringla expressed satisfaction with the recent improvements in medical education in Bangladesh. Annually, students from India say they have the opportunity to go back to Bangladesh through medical colleges and provide quality service.

At the same time senior officials of the Ministry of Health and the High Commission of India participated.

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