Tuesday , August 16 2022

Instead of pirates in the country


The nomination of Haled Zia in Bugra-6 constituency

BNP Chairman Haled Zia was nominated for the post

BNP General Secretary Mirza Fahrul, President of the BNP, Alamgir Bohr-6 (Sara), nominated as an alternative to the Anti-Corruption Business Case, Begum Haled Zia. On Wednesday afternoon, commissioner of the Bughra district election commission Fayz Ahmed proposed the candidacy of the president of the district BNP Safi Islam.

On the other hand, Holdea Zia has been nominated for the imprisonment of Ad Bugra-6, an advisor to the mayor of Bogra. AKM Mahbubur Rahman. Then there were representatives of other districts of the BNP.

According to the Mayor of Bug Makhbubur Rahman, if the nominal papers were destroyed, the candidate nominees for the Secretary General were nominated as alternate candidates. Party secretary and former president of the BNP District, Rezaul Karim Badshah, sent a party letter to Haled Zia. Yesterday the king presented nominal papers. BNP Secretary-General Mirza Fahrul has been nominated for Islamabad-1 in the Takurgaon-1 constituency.

BNP Candidate Morse Milton was elected as Alternate Chair of the Presidential Candidate Habedali Rafazila Parishad, Khaledo Bogra-7 (Gabitoli-Shaikhanpur). Yesterday Morse Milton presented nominal papers. This place was nominated by Halida Zia's nominees.

Also, on the last day of nomination, Mirza Fahrul was nominated for Islam Alamgir and two other alternate candidates in the Bahra-6 electoral district. In addition, seven nominations were nominated in the nominations such as Nurul Islam Omar, a member of the Bukhara-Sarah constituency of the Jety-Og Party.

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