Saturday , October 23 2021

Mashrafe's opponent is the leader of the League of Awami League


The captain of the cricket national team, Oracle Mashrafe Ben Mortasse, won the nomination for the upcoming 11 parliamentary elections. He is elected to electoral district Narill-2 in his constituency. He has won 15 nominations from the Avami League candidates in this constituency.

They are the President of the League of Awami League of Narill District, Advocate Subash Chandra Boze, Secretary General Nizam Udin Khan Nilu, Vice President of the Aiym Region Said Ayub Ali, Saifi Rahman Bapi, Advisor to the League of Lahagara Awami League Colonel Said Hassan Iqbal, Entrepreneur Basseb Bancerji, Member of Sports Committee Sheikh Md. Aminur Rahman Kim, Central Women's Organizing Secretary Yubo League Sharmin Sultan Sharma, Member of the League of Awami League Rashidul Bashar, The League of Assistance and Social Welfare of the Sheikh Mohammed League of Awami League. Tarikul Islam, a member of the League of Arab League Abu Abu Baker, former student leader Habibur Rahman Taposh, a member of the League of Arab League member Hasan Mansan and a member of the Central Committee of the League of the Volunteers Sheikh Md. Nurzaman, Munshi Kamruzzaman, leader of the Kamal and Lavagari Awami League, as well as the leader of the League of Arabs. Sujhan Rahman.

In the context, the Narill-2 constituency consists of six trade unions, one municipal and 12 trade unions, and one municipal municipality in Lohagara. All voters here are 2, 72, 158

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