Tuesday , August 16 2022

Mitaly's letter to BCCI was damaged


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India loses semifinals of World Cup T20 for women England star Malie Rieer has not been in the XI high-voltage match against England. The day of the match is a lot of debate and criticism. On Tuesday, Mitali Raj met Chief Executive Officer of Indian Cricket Management (BCCI) Rahul Johri and Cricket Operations GM Saba Karim. Mitali also sent a letter to the Council. In this letter, the captain of the Indian ODI team, for the first time in 20 years, was disappointed and disappointed. I had to think about the importance of playing for the country for a long time. Because some people try to destroy my power. I try to break the confidence in myself. Two days ago Captain Harmanpreck, T20, was also Anshita Gupta, manager of Mitali Raja, a liar, a liar, an inexperienced and capable captain. However, Mitalie Raj said that the captain of the T-20 did not get angry with Harmanpreit. But the trainer told me he had abandoned me, and he accepted it. It hurt me. My goal is to win the World Cup for the country. Now I miss the opportunity because I have a big problem. The biggest accusation against Mittal is the Indian women's trainer Ramee Power. In the letter, he wrote that when he met in the networks, he would go to the other side. If I wanted to talk to him, I'd look into the phone. That's what I did. It's understandable for anyone who humiliates me. I kept my head cold. But after deciding to keep me out of the team, the trainer's behavior is even worse. Even before the match with Australia, coach Ramesh Powers invited me to his room and said, "Even after the match I did not go to the field. Because there will be mass media. So I did not come out after the match.

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