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Mortality rate in Kazakhstan makes 67%


In the country, non-communicable diseases are 67%

Today, 67 percent of people killed in the country are related to non-communicable diseases. The importance of treating health in Bangladesh does not matter in the prevention of disease. Ministries and agencies responsible for the prevention of disease prevention do not take effective steps in this regard. As a result, people suffer from oncological diseases, anemia, and non-communicable diseases that endanger life. Bangladesh is economically damaged by the expensive treatment of these diseases. It did not allow its overall development.

Speakers of the roundtable on "Environmental Disasters and Challenges" at the conference spoke at the conference about the office of Bachao Andolan Environmental (PABA). The organization of this workshop organizes the environment. The head of the seminar was Abu Nasr Khan, chairman of the organization. At the celebration, Secretary-General of the PABA, engineer Abdus Soban, was invited to the National Health Movement. Rashid Mahbub, Joint Secretary General. Lelin Choudhuri, The Saebah Editor Said Mahbubul Alam, Firdood Ahmed Wajjal, Nutrition expert. M Farzul Huk, General Secretary of Nasoph Tayib Ali, Engineer Tofail Ahmed, WBB Trust Syeda Program Manager Anani Rahman and others.

Speakers say urbanization and population growth, as well as the use of non-destructive habits, harmful foods, sanitary and hygienic foods, lack of sufficient physical work, excessive fat, drug use, and tobacco use, tobacco use, environmental pollution, one of them. Use of tobacco causes heart disease and cancer. Almost 35% of Bangladesh residents are cigarettes.

According to the Washington Institute of Health Matrix and Assessment, in 2016, 8474,790 people died due to 200 injuries and various injuries. The number of deaths is gradually increasing. In 2040 this figure increased by 32% to 11 million 23 thousand 450 people. Another survey of the same organization shows that from 1990 to 2013 the number of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases has been most affected by the disease. In addition, heart disease is one of the major causes of death in the 15-49 years of human life.

According to the International Journal of Health, 2660 people died in Lancet because of the deaths of 1.01 million people in 2013 and hypertension. According to the Japan Journal of Clinical Oncology (JJC), in Bangladesh, 1 million. 27 million In the human body, there is an increase in normal cells called neoplasia in medical science. If this continues, there will be 24 million people who are in danger of cancer by 2030.

Speakers also noted the importance of prevention of non-communicable diseases in prevention of deaths, in particular, prevention of diseases. To this end, the health authorities should take the responsibility for the proper implementation of laws and policies. In addition, it is necessary to take immediate action to ensure safe food for the public and to expedite open access to all infrastructure and reduce all environmental pollution. Additional disbursements to health-friendly foods, tobacco production and health-related health benefits should be disrupted. Along with tobacco companies and other transnational companies, these products should be avoided by promoting non-destructive products.

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