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New career on Shah Ruhhan's new platform


( The actor of the Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan played the last film "Zero". Unlike Anma Sharma and Katrina Kaif, Shakhrukh's film enters the film company. After that, the Shah Ruh plays the role of the first cosmonaut of India Rakesh Sharma biopic. But this project has recently left the Khan Khan.

The Shah Ruh performs with Salman Khan for the upcoming film of Lila Bantal in Sanjay. However, there are no official announcements and actors yet. How does Shahrukh's career end here? Otherwise. It is known that this romantic actor starts a new career on a digital platform.

Shah Ruh Khan, his production company Red Chillies, is the founder of the web-site of Bilal Siddiqui's "Bird's Bird" book, an international digital platform. Last year, Shahrukh played the role of the hero of this Web Series, Imran Hashmi. But news from Boon, Shah Spirit himself, begins acting in this web-series.

Thriller is amazed at the political event in this Web Series. In this regard, according to the source, Shahrukh will work with Bilal Seeddigy's series of "Birdworm" series. Thanks to the great love of Shahrukh, the history of this book has remained behind the camera, and he also wanted to work in front of the camera.

Source: Pinkville

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