Tuesday , January 31 2023

New Google's battery life saver strategy


Google has adopted a new battery saving strategy for Google's creator Google. Recently, one of the developers of Android said that Google should use Dark Mode to extend its battery life.

Google recommends that Android's operating system offer you how to offer a battery charge at a conference. Developers consider this to be very effective in helping you to maintain a backup of your battery when composing an app

But in darker mode, the battery can not be stored. Because the light is more than the battery used by Android phones. Also, the cost of the rechargeable battery depends on the color shown on the display.

Using the darker mode on your phone will reduce the viscosity of your display. The color reduction on the screen is minimized. This will extend the life of the battery.

In the conference, Google reported that in the darkness of the YouTube application, 43% less battery life than normal mode. Because most of this program is white.

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