Saturday , April 1 2023

New Zealand national players were killed in a mosque attack


Ata elen

At present, the child is photographed and now only memories. Photo: Collected

New Zealand's attacker attacked with attackers, but last saved Ata-Alenen 33-year-old Elaine became a member of the national futsal team of New Zealand.

Elaine was a goalkeeper from Kuwait. Soon he was the father of the baby. Before leaving the bright future of my child, I did not return to the country.

Alen became a famous member of the Christchurch technical art of New Zealand. He was the director of Nausa at LWA.

On Friday, terrorists voluntarily surrendered to the worshipers praying for Al-Nur-jumaar Mosque in Hagley Park. It's half a million. Bangladesh cricketers went to the mosque to pray. A few minutes before you can reach them, there may be a great deal.

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