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«No alternatives»


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Since the beginning of the popular music director and artist Habib Vahid, he has always listened to songs. Playback or Audio is both very successful Habib. Especially, music directors of modern generation have begun a new trend in music that is still playing. Additionally, adapting to the current music video after the audio and play is fully adapted to the process. Over the past two years, Habib has released many videos, all of which have been filmed. The music star was amazed at various videos. For this purpose, she has a bit of a movie. What do you want How is the sun? Habib replied, "I am very good. Time passes free time. We have to work in different fields. What is the main problem today? Habib says the winter season has started, so the show is empty. Despite my good choices. However, pressure has slightly increased. Moreover, the time of practice is the transfer. Other works continued in absentia. Recently you and Nancy have published new songs Banglalink Vive How do you answer? Habib Vahid said the song was published for several days by the Banglalink bay. The song's title is "Little Fool." Asif Iqbal writes. I've made music and music. All in all, a romantic song. There are many good answers. A few days ago a music video for the song "Razi" was released. What can be said about it Habib has told me that this song is my favorite. Rakib Hassan wrote music and music on the words of Rahul. Mehboob Hossein Ani acted as a model in the song. My conceptual video was released by Nishok Tarek Aziz. I received a lot of answers from this song. I think the state of the song is in a good time. Created video. What is the only time in the present and the music video process? According to Habib, time is really required. So be around the world. However, it is important to keep the quality of the video or audio. Again, it is often more explicit that the video is more important than audio. This is a very bad thing. I'd like to hear the sound before. Then it may be appropriate for a video. The biggest and easiest way to listen to YouTube songs. So people are listening to music here. Nothing is to be replaced now. So how good is it to sing for this platform. I do not think there is an alternative quality alternative. Currently shown on music videos. Your performance is highly valued. What's a secret? Habib smiled and no secret. I tried to do this job well. When I was singing, one event or picture appeared before me. I will only try to work in that video. It's a big deal for me to like the audience like the audience.

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