Saturday , June 3 2023

On one side of the raid and on the other side of the armed attack: Rizvi


BNP Senior Corporate Secretary Ruhul Kabir Rizvi made a speech at a briefing at the Central Office in New York on Friday. Photo: NTV

BNP Senior Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi: "On the one hand, the League of the Arab League carries out an election campaign; On the other hand, BNP and the Awami League will not allow potential candidates to go to this area. Armed attacks in the country are continuing. While BNP residents can not hold meetings at home, the Awami League is advocating for boats in front of the election commission.

Rizvi said this at a press conference in the capital's central office in the morning on Friday.

BNP leader said: "A large public meeting of Shamim-Osman yesterday took place in Narynjanj yesterday, the meeting continued with mixing on behalf of Bhairrab Nimmál Hasan Pishon from Kishorgan. In addition, all districts, provinces, municipalities and trade unions take part in the rally and take part in the boat voting.

"The Rule of CEC Makes Businesses Hope"
According to BNP senior secretary, the National Union Forum has filed an appeal to the election commission for the recall of disputable and unpopular officials who work in the administration and police. However, the CEC stated that no formal representation would be granted at the meeting of the law enforcement bodies. Unlike the opposition's call to eradicate the dispute, this statement of the CEC strongly frightens deaf people.

Rukh Rizvi recalled in absentia, "The Police Commissioner said no complaints would be lodged after the publication of the schedule. However, the ongoing criminal cases of BNP activists are on the move. At this meeting, a member of the election commission did not object to an unauthorized case from the police in the country, but was rejected. The CEC did not take any action on the issue of some controversial commanders of the election commission.

"The CEC assured the police that we believe in you. Not a panic. The CEC guarantees that they will not be replaced without an investigation.

Rizvy also said: "The Election Commission does not take any action against police officers in the party consciousness. The EC works day and night to build government plains.

The BNP spokesperson says: "Our bodies are flowing into the river, they are imprisoned, arrested, attacked, and tortured by the scoundrels. And out-of-court and extramarital killings have become a daily government agenda. However, no police officer made any statement.

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