Wednesday , October 5 2022

On the third day, the first hit of the tycoon


Trip to the first riders in Zimbabwe on the third day of Ducke's test. Today, one rider fell on Tuesday morning. The Knight's queen returns to Donald Tripon, the first test, one of the best tournaments in Bangladesh. Tourists had the opportunity to run 40 on two tracks before the report was released.

Earlier, in the first inning 522, Bangladesh captain Mahmoudullah Riyadh announced the first ring. Mumin Haq 161 and Mushafig Rahim were amazed by 219 works of the team.

In the first trial, there is no alternative to overcoming a series to save a series of defeats. The first test in the Sylhet Series has a great deal of distance from the owners 151 runs.

Ittefaq / AM

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