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People singing songs at folk songs festival today


Entertainment Reporter: The largest festival of folk songs of the subcontinent "Zakah International Folklore Song Festival" Today's event will be held at the capital's "Army" stadium. Famous people from different countries of the world, except Bangladesh, will perform festivals.

On the first day of the festival, Baul Abdul Haim Devan, Bhabna Bi, Wadiali Brardas of India, Satyaki Banerjee and Dina of Poland. The festival will be held from 18.00 to 12.00 yesterday.

Abdul Haid Davan was born on June 10, 1960 in Sonargayon, Namangan Region. The childhood of the farmer's family Abdul Hai Davan began as a child. In the Palakana district, when the group of singers sang songs, they listened to music all night long. One day the drunkard Razzak Devan, who was singing in his village, came to Krishnannagar. Abdul Haid remembers Davan Razzak Divan's song Then actor Razzak Devan became a student. Get the theme "Huff Drunk" on the guru.

The "Changchan" dance movement started in 2007 in the hands of well-known dancer and choreographer Bangladesh Shamima Hossein. Thinking about the dance, Dances Dance brought Nazrul and Rabindranath to the stage with her dance. They also serve different traditional folklore, destinations and country dancers. However, the team praised the service "Padul Bali", "Shankuntala" and "Shapamokan".

Padma Sri Ustad Bhalahandra Wadali and Pirall Vadali have won the Sufisangt's famous Wadali Brothers title. Amritsar, Punjab, was born in India's musical family. Baba invited her son Bhalahandra Vadali to go to musical training. He then completed the training of famous Pandit Durga Das and Ustad Bera Golam Ali Han for Bhatachandra Patiala golara. Then Pererlal Vadili called his eldest brother his guru. Gurbanî, Qafi, Ghazal and Bhaján began singing, but the two brothers were proud to sing the greatest of the Sufi songs. They say music is not a commercial business. Peerlal Wadali died at the age of 75, March 9, 2018. His son Lahman Vadili offers music with Bharat Chandra Wadali.

Indian Bengali actress Shatakki Banderji. He received an academic degree from the company "Saturagi Banarjee Music", from Kolkata to Julian's day school. He is also a classic singer without the public. Doors and Sapphires Play First, Sarad Pandanit reads the fate of Dipak Chaudhuri. At the moment Palant Tedendra is studying Narayan Mazum. The pathways were exported to serve folk music groups.

The Dindanda team in Poland began in 1997. Their main songs are characterized by traditional songs of the people, as well as Eastern influences. From the Balkans to country-oriented songs, Israel, Kurds, Byelorussia, India, and so on. folk music inspiration was found. The team has released seven albums. The world-renowned group is Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, India, the USA and others. participated in folk concerts. In 2005, the German Folklore Magazine was awarded the "Disc of the Year", and the Ushalario navigation guide was released.

Artists from 7 countries, including Bangladesh, will take part in the festival. In total, 174 singers sang. Among them are Bangladeshi artists – Mamat Begum, Baul Abdulh Dewan, Baul Kabir Shah, Nakshi Kanda, Svarabenjō. Wadali Brardas from India, Raghudikshit, Satakki Banerjee, Shafkat Amanat Ali from Pakistan, Maja in Bahrain, Grammy from the United States, Los Tetmania, Dundudi from Poland and Las Miogos from Spain.

The three-day "Dhaka International Folk Festival 2011" will be broadcast on November 17. Dakkia International Festival has been held since 2015. For the fourth year in a row San Foundation has organized the "International Folk Festival" festival.

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