Saturday , January 28 2023

Risul Tamal's "Striving for Love"


Risul Tamal's "Striving for Love"

Employee Reporter Recently a television channel called "Suitable for Love" was created. Bridge Arif left its mark. The whole book is directed by Tamil. Executive Producer Mohammad Shafiq is Islam Massoud

Irfan Sajjad, Saifah Kabir, Tia Rahman, Mili Bashar, Faisal Hasan and many others played a different role in the film "Zeket Rakhat Prem". On the 12th and 13th of Dhaka, there were shooting scenes of various scenic destinations. Editing is in progress now. After the editors, the history of the country's satellite channel is rising.

The story of love story writer Risul Tamal states that the relationship between man, man, love, love and love is sometimes very interesting. Many thoughts go on. The story about Jubair and Rakker's life is the same.

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