Saturday , June 19 2021

Shahin Shah meets with Nusrat Farya

Naik Nusrat Fary started this first movie with actor Shakib Khan. They are Shaheen Ahmed Roni's director Shahen Shah. The movie about the triangle is about the FDC.

There is another hero in the film – Shahen Shah. She was shot in the first episode by Shakib, Roselle shot him. Recently, Nusrat Fariar began the second part of the film.

Live on Facebook on Sunday night. This movie is featured in the movie "Shahan Shah" Fahriar The First Luke. However, the scene described by Faria: "On this stage, I first met Shahin Shah. His attitude continued.

Fary said 30% of his paintings were finished. After a few days of November 2, the shooting begins again on November 15.

Shakib Khan has a great experience. As a singer, Shakib said, "Great, delicious, delicious! Shakib's excellent professionalism as a quartet. "


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