Sunday , March 26 2023

Shakib-Zit, this screen first comes to blow up Sabranti!



Together with renowned Bengali actress Srabanti Chatterjee and actor Ritik Chakraborti, the director of Bollywood, Abhimani Mukherjee, appears in the film as a couple, which is not true. The last release of the manufacturer, Piya Ray. After the release, the picture received a mixed response from viewers.

Its purpose is to think of Shravanti and Ritchie. The Indian media reported such information. The priest's name is called Alokesh. The film is made of funny story. Her name is Mina, Shrabanti

Srabanti Chatterjee in the movie said: "For the first time, I work with Ritchie Chakravarty. I am very happy about this. The film telling the movie tells me: "The history of the film is quite different from the different genres. What a great cinema entertainment shop?

Srabanti and religion
Srabanti and religion

Surering Films will begin in December.

This year three "Awari Man" and "Happy Pill" were released by Ritika Chakrabarty "Rajangang Corridor". On the other hand, this year's movie released by Srabanti – "Uma", "Bhajan Alo Ray", "Pia Ray" and "Drishjanant" (Drishyanlar). In addition, this actress deals with the film "Tiger Jail", "Birpurush", "Googli", "Saho" and Bangladesh's "Ek Din".

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