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Teil returned to the review


Sports Reporter: Bangladesh is the first in the Mirpur Challenge against Zimbabwe.

Points: 299/5 (89 deviation).

At last, Mumil returned

Momynul Hacke has played over 150 lives over three times. While the Bangladeshi team drags a team during the crisis, he has a lot of hope. Momin has scored 4.2 goals out of 4.2. Brendan Cherry was forced to quit 161. He scored 19 goals in 247 balls. It was easy for the mummoon to play in the second half of the day.

It is a hundred and fiftyfrom the Mimimum

Momenul Hacke took 100th place and reached hundreds of hundreds of ODIs. He has three lives, he talks about himself Munich has scored two goals in the 84th game of his daughter's fourth assault. A Bangladesh test team scored 150 points in 179 balls and scored 150 points. Bangladeshi beatsman has run more than 150 times in trials at least three times.

One and a half years after the Mushafig century

Mushafig Rahim has created the centuries-old history of Mendenul Khaki after centuries. Starting from the 99th century, Brenton McClume is the only immortal to reach the age of the immortal with his right hand. He scored 187 points out of eight quarters.

This is the sixth trial age of a musafir. Since the beginning of 23 and more than a year and a half, it has reached one century. Last Bangladesh captain Bangladesh achieved three goals against India in February 2017 in Hyderabad.

Couple of Mushfig-Momoumoum are two hundred

Mushafig Rahim and Muminul Hacke wrote the fourth single pair. Twenty-two pairs have reached 342 This is the eighth place in Bangladesh in two hundred games. The share of the Mimimum is 117, the Mushfigur 80

After 68 seats in Bangladesh, there were 226 runs in 3 blocks. There are no minumul 125 and the Mushfigour 80

The second session in Bangladesh

At the first session, Bangladesh lost three combs and lost no buttocks at the second session. At this meeting, Bangladesh scored 151 points, scoring 32 points. Where is the greatest achievement of Moghulul Hacke?

207 of Bangladesh's are around 3 tea breaks. Denominal 115 and Mushfigur Rahim did not take the 71st place for the seventh trial age. Of the 181 exercises on the fourth wicket, two remained unchanged.

This is the best pair in Bangladesh's fourth quiz. The name of Momin relates to former glory. Miminul established nearly 180 partnerships with Chittaong in Chitagong with Liton Das in January last year.

The Great Age of Mum

The Sisters Raja came out a little and went out. Four fourths scored a goal. Momentul Hacke has reached the fourth run of the fourth run. The left side has more than 12 quarters to complete 150.

The seventh test age of Momin held a test in January last year against Zimbabwe in Chittagong. Then he was not able to reach fifty years in eight attacks. Today, the 27-year-old Bessman has made her a century old.

Mushfiq Fifty

Mushafig Rahim also received fifty people after Mominul Haque. Bessmann scored only 4 balls with only 4 points and scored only 100 balls.

Mesfjour-Momin pair

Mushafig Rahim and Muminul Hacke made a vow in the fourth voucher to a hundred pairs. Couples reach 183 Mushfigur's contribution – 47, 51 of Muninul lost 26 pairs of steals for a run.

At the end of 42 points in Bangladesh, 128 runs to 3 quarters. There are no Miminul 60 and Mushfiq 48

The fifth meeting of Muminun

Shawn Williams scored four goals. Momentul Hacke. These four are full of fifty. In these achievements, the seven-quadruple,

Momenul was fifty times faster after eight episodes in Shi-Lanka in January of last year in Chitagong for twenty centuries. Then, at the age of eight, he was 33 years old.

There are hundreds in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is on the 50th place in the 35th place. At the end of 36 Bangladesks, there were 100 runs in 3 months. Halil Haq 44 and Rahuf Rakhim 36 without interruption.

The Meshew-Mumul pair is fifty

Mushfig Rahim and Muminul Hacke scored four goals in a row and lost 3 positions for 26 runs. Twenty hundred people have reached this stage. Mushafik's contribution is 22 years, and Momunul is 26 years old.

At the end of the 31 sketch of Bangladesh, 76 runs on 3 bicycles. Mushfigour Rahman and Mimimum are on the 34th ring continuously

In Bangladesh, there are three swans at the first session

At the first session, Bangladesh has lost three bouts Bangladesh has scored 56 points at the end of 26 goals at Mourinho Haq 25 and Mushafig Rahim 12 at a lunch break.

Imranul Quayes and Liton Das and Mohammed Mithun were dismissed from the 26th by Mimonul Mushfiq. Two of them are combined into 30 jobs in the fourth wicket.

Cache of Zimbabwe Kyle Jarvis took away the towns of Imrul and Lytton. Twinning, another victim's victim Donald Trifing Three sessions of Zimbabwe's Gervis, Trinity and Tenday Shatara were made at the first session. Sekan Radja twice dining in the lunch

Fifty in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is 23 years old After Bangladesh's 24 defeats, 54 runs to 3 quarters. No Mominul Haque 23 and Mushfiqur Rahim 12

Muminu found life

Momynul Hacke's penteman played Tentay Shatura. Brian Charlie relied on his hand and could not find a measure. Momino lived 9 years

At the end of Bangladesh's 15 points, 29 runs on 3 bicycles. Momin's 9th and Rahuf Rahim were on a run.

The twins are in a bad attack

The start of the test debut was not good for Mohammed Mitoun. The right hand played a bad shot and left the road.

The team lost two cafés. At the time, the ponyman Donald Markscalled what the ball was playing for the ball, and the twins could say the best! Brandon Taylor scored the second goal.

In addition, Bangladesh lost three combs and lost 3 wins in 26 runs. Mushafig Rahim was with Muhnoulu Haq

Not Tilvan, Liton

Imrell Caes Kyle returned to his former position in Jarvist. The next littoral dash, Das, was another hit. Playing a hammer with a right hand hit the middle quiz.

When Lytton 9 returned to escape, Bangladesh's two wolves ran 16 times. Mohammed Mitoun joined Muminugh Hug.

Imrill returned to his head

It was Imrell Caes before the match. The captured cimmerman was captured by Kill Jarvis, an immortal man. The racer Chakva jumped to the right and captured a great catch. In the open match a 13-point pair runs.

The Liton rescue has been saved

Lytton Das could have been dismissed for a duck. Kill Jarvis's finger needs Richard Kettleboro with your finger. Decision to change it. Before hitting the ballroom in the TV replay, the ball did not touch the Pitton beat. Then Bangladesh scored equal to zero.

Mitun Nazim has broken a record

Mohammed Miton After playing 88 first-class matches with his name in the test run, the test debut went to the right bessman. In addition, nobody in Bangladesh was tested, because first-class matches played.

Nazimuddin received 81 former records prior to the 2011 Pakistan test match. Nazimuddin's record was broken in 2006 in the first-class cricket. Arihul Hacke, who made his debut in the third test, won the third place in 76 matches.

Changes in Zimbabwe

There is a XI change in Zimbabwe. Pacer Donald Trippa came in at eleven. Spinner Wellington left Masakadha.

Zimbabwe XI

Hamilton Masakadze, Brian Chary, Brenton Taylor, Sean Williams, Siqandar Radja, Peter Moore, Regis Chakwa, Brenton Muttă, Donald Triptpula, Kyle Jarvis, Tenday Chatar.

Three Changes in Bangladesh

There are three changes from the Bangladeshi XI class today. Mohammed Mitoun and Paseman Khaled Ahmed were introduced to Bedman. The Mustafizur Rahman walked with his left hand. The left arm was Nessruh Hossein Shant, the left arm was Nimul Islam Alou and the pager Abu Zaid Rakhi.

Bangladesh XI

Lithan Das, Imrul Qais, Momin Mutan, Mahfud Rahim, Ariful Hake, Mehdi Hassan Miraj, Taizul Islam, Mustafizur Rahman, Khaled Ahmed.


Mahmoudullah dies at Bangladesh captain The match begins at 9.30 am at Sher-E Bangla National Stadium in Mirpur.

A series of economical challenges in Bangladesh

Bangladesh held its first trial test in Zilbabwe on the worst watting-screen display of the Sylhet. Bangladesh has 141 and 169 points in the match, including 151 far. After 2001, this is the first test in Zimbabwe in Bangladesh.

The second and final test will start today in Mirpur, so you can avoid bets in Bangladesh. 17 years later, it can not substitute for winning the Mirpur test to avoid a series against Bangladesh Zimbabwe. On the other hand, if Zimbabwe passes this match, they will win the series for the third time outside of the country.

Risingbd / Dhaka / 11 November 018 / Pollen

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