Friday , February 3 2023

Terms and conditions for changing your mobile number in WhatsApp


WhatsApp has introduced you a new number, which allows you to easily switch from one number to another. All the features of WhatsApp will be replaced with new numbers by function.

How to change the number on an Android phone:

1. New number of Simcards should start.
2. You need to open WhatsApp.
3. The old number is still valid or must be checked. Follow this procedure to see it: WhatsApp> Menu button> Settings and Profile photos.
4. Open WhatsApp again by flipping these options in the phase:> menu button> Options> Account> Change number.
The old window number is displayed in this window.

6. The new phone number will be displayed in the box below.

7. Select the right option at the top of the screen.

8. Then the account will be checked in new numbers.

On the iPhone:

1. Initially, enter these options: Options> Account> Change number.

2. The old box is then given in the first box.

3. In the second window you need to give a new number.

4. Select the "Right" option.

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