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The birthday of Bari Siddiqki – Desbeschio


Bani Samrat, 64, is one of the popular songs of folk songs Bary Siddiqeki on Thursday (November 15). He was born on November 15, 1954 in a music family in the suburb of Detroit. So musicians, musicians, minds, and even soul musicians can not bleed.

Singing also included singing, music, and music. And he loved it as a singer.

Bari Siddiq has presented many popular songs. Among the popular songs, he is known as "Birds of blood," "Three Thousands of Mazar", "Pubali Air", "You are in Prison", "Oke Bhavidjan nu Bva", People "Bihojo" and others. keep people. Many musicians say that songs are always on the face of a person.

His personal albums are: "I'm sorry", "I'm a criminal, I believe," "Sarala," "Walking in the Thing," "White towel," "Soil Owner", "Soil Structure", "Big Irritation" Festival & # 39; love for home & # 39; niluya wind & # 39; When Tragedy Strikes,

Originally produced audio in the audio area. After that, his latest lecture was taken by literary humorous Ahmed, and he made his debut in the film. In 2000, the song "I am suffering" is popular in the film "Sabran Meg Diva". Later she chose songs in some of the finest and high quality films. "Legend of the Legend (2007)", "Nekabbar Mahapryan (2012)", "My Country's Soil (2012)", "The Soil Potter" (2013).

Bari Siddiq was initially a rural and spiritual artist. He also loves music, and songs are used only by songs. Finally, on November 24, 2017, he came out of the last heart attack.

МА / 11: November 22 to 15

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