Thursday , September 29 2022

The six stars were awarded the Best Taxpayer Award



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In the 2007 – 18th financial year, the show business was awarded the sixth best taxpayer award. They are internationally renowned musician Rune Laila, actor and producer Euchi Pahakapata, Abul Hayat, musician SD Rubel, Tahsan Khan, actor Mahfuz Ahmed and Hero Dzhalil Hero. The premiere took place on Monday night at the Sonargaon Hotel in the city. Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Mukhit presented the prize to the grand prize. Runa Laila, the second-highest taxpayer, has been paying taxes since 1974. Last year I received the Best Taxpayer Award. I did it for the second time. It was a great pride for me, and the other five stars expressed their happiness.

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