Monday , June 14 2021

The Taiyuan 3 is a record holder

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In the series against Zimbabwe, Bangladesh wants to receive 8 ducks in the last day. From one of the records, Taizul writes in the two test test series of Bangladesh's greatest quiz after accepting Spinner 3 quiz on the left. Mehdi Hasan Mira's record ends. In 2016, Miraj has played 19 of his first debut series against England. If it is four pockets today, it will be at a high level. It is the first bulb of Bangladesh to be incorporated into four quizzes for five quiz clubs. Jim Laker, Dennis Lille, Shane Warne, Muttia Muritien, Sacklean Mustak, Imran Khan, Malcolm Marshall and Wakar Jones. If Taijul receives 6 guitars in the form of a ball, it can achieve a world record in two test series. Rangana Herath, Sri Lanka's left master, has created 23 new record breaks for the two matches in Pakistan in 2014. 22 legendary legendary legendary Mururitani (South Africa in 2006) finished the fourth day in Zimbabwe on 76 day and finished with 443 points. Brian Chatterer (43 years old) has won the 17th series of LBW series. He saw Emamul Hake and Shakib Al Hassan in three hollows with three hops as the third bow on Bangladesh. In the history of the test, three innings were received from five rifles and 51 pastries.

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