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Two posters of the new film have been released The next story of "Bijarna" was posted to Biocide, two posters


Padma, Nasir Ali, Ganesh Mandal in the game of Benghalis. The Nave hailed Nasser's love for Bengal and Padma in Benghazi, and loved the people of both sides. I have specifically spoken about the movie. Last year, the National Prize Laureate was abolished. At the same time, film director Gaishik Ganguli comes out of his "Witch" story. Recently two posters of Wijaya were published together. Abir Chatterjee, Jaya Ehsan, Kaushik Gangopadhyay, Gautam Ghosh and Prod. There was a Cartridge Card.

Posthum the Padma that was in the German form, Javan Ehsan. Poster on the other side of the story is Kawik

Check out two new poster presentations:

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<p class=The men's prostitutes are Gaishik Ganguli and Jaya Ehsan

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<p class=Jiji Ehsan and Bijoyar post are Abir Chatterjee

The main idea of ​​this film is the harmony of India and Bangladesh culture. The story of love between two different religions. At the end of the war, Nasir Ali Padma left her life. What time is it to return to him? In this conversation, Nasir Ali came to Calcutta.

Salam was a singer who reached an infinite height of the hole

It usually comes after Vijaya's destruction. This is a rule. That is why Vijaya comes in early next year.

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<p class=The whole group of victories at the opening ceremony

Many films have been filmed by Taki. Inda Dip Das Gup is responsible for music management.

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