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Will Sushmita connect you to the next year? dgtl


Love is an actress Sushmita Sen. 27-year-old Rohiman Shal's guy No! This news is not new. Together with Rohman, a social media player shares the character. The new news is related to Sushmita Romman.

Recently, a close friend of Sushmita, unwilling to publish his name, told reporters: "Over the past two months, Sushmita and Rohin met. They appear in the fashion show. After that, relations gradually developed. At this time, they plan to marry. There are many debates among them. Maybe they will marry next year … «

Sushmita is now 42 years old And Rohin 27 In contrast to source sources, Romma distributed Sushmita. Sushmita responded to this offer. After that, the hero announced about the news. Recently, Rohama has a good time with Sushmita's daughters.

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Rohin is the example of Mumbai. Rohiman has been featured in several commercials. He will try to go to Bollywood for a long time. If all is good, this pair may be related to the end of 2019.

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Before that, with Sushmita Sen, Ranadip Hooda, rumors about Bikram Bhatta's relationships. But Sushmita did not open a single person in private life. However, he publicly announced his relationship with Rohamane. That's why their marriages are rising, "says Mahaley.

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