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07:39 – The pink diamond has set a record for 44.3 million euros, one carat


A 18.96 carat a pink diamond Tuesday, at auction house in Christie's Auction House in Geneva, has set a record for the color stone for auction of 50 million Swiss francs.

It will cost 44.3 million euros or 49.9 million dollars for this Pink Legacy.

It was discovered hundreds of years ago by an American jewelry manufacturer, Harry Winston, who was found in southern Africa, which Swatch belongs to the Swiss watch group, says auctioneer Rohol Cadakia. Four out of ten votes in the auction.

The "Orange heritage" rated from 30 to 50 million dollars (excluding "charges") renamed it to the Winston Pink Legacy.

"The world's karate record for a $ 2.6 million pink diamond on the carat," says Christie's European leader Francois Quillé. "This is Leonardo da Vinci for Diamond".

This pink diamond from the Oppenheimer family, which has been heading De Beers for decades, has the highest degree of color intensity ("bright") of the American Hematology Institute.

Many pink diamonds are less than one karat, and more than ten pounds are unknown to the "bright" all-round auction houses.

Stone also refers to the IIa species that represents less than 2% of all diamonds. Unlike the diamond auction house, this type of diamond is one of the purest chemicals, often referred to as "exceptional light and gloss."

The diamond was cut in the 1920s, Christie's international jewelry expert Jean-Marc Lunel.

In November 2019, a record precedent for the pink diamond carat price was reached in Hong Kong, which was sold by Christie's "The Pink Promise" – at least $ 15.48 per pink oval dropped $ 32.48 million. ($ 2.17 million).

– Big diamonds not sold –

According to auction house representative Alexandra Kindererman, the most important jewelry sales of pink Diamond Christie were 110.2 million. Over $ 1.

86% of the lots were sold, but large, heart-shaped 53.53 carats of white diamonds were sold, valued at $ 3.25-5.25 million.

One of the most controversial scenes was Martin de Bega (1869-1939), a legendary writer, poet and philosopher, the legacy of Paul Valerius, and 28 beautiful pearls of Besnis.

He travels all over the oceans and seeks the Nirvana, looking for ancient manuscripts and antiques. According to Christie, she bought all 28 corals of this pearl all over the world, her closure was decorated with diamonds. Experts estimated at $ 1.15 million. Swiss franc was auctioned off and the experts assessed it as 240,000 and 340,000 Swiss francs.

Coupling earrings with 15.38 and 15.20 carats with two small round diamonds with many small white diamonds were sold for 612,500 Swiss francs, from 250,000 to 350,000 Swiss francs.

In addition, the gem of the American Dodge American founder, Horace Elgin Dodge, was sold for about 1.12 million Swiss francs.

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