Wednesday , December 8 2021

11:17 – In 2017 more than 32 billion euros have been sent from the EU abroad


BRUSSELS (Belgium)

In 2017, the European Union will receive 31.7 billion euros in 2017. EUR 32.7 billion was transferred to the euro, Eurostat's European Statistics Office reports. In 2016, a total of $ 10.6 billion. Income to the EU is Euro 10.7 billion Euro reached. In 2017, private transfers flow from France (10.6 billion euros). Spain (7.3 billion), Great Britain (6.8 billion) and Italy (6.1 billion). Belgium has 1,115 billion euros, out of which 952 million euros outside the European Union. Inland flows to Belgium amounted to $ 153 million. Most EU departure comes from Asia (20% of the EU), followed by North Africa (19%), South America, Central and South Africa (14%). %), as well as non-European countries (13%). Portugal (3.6 billion), Poland (2.8 billion), Romania (2.8 billion) and the United Kingdom (2.3 billion). (Belga)

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