Wednesday , October 5 2022

12:01 – A website that checks what the European Union will do for me


BRUSSELS (Belgium)

What does Europe do for it? The European Parliament has posted an interactive website on the Internet on Wednesday. Each citizen has the opportunity to see how the European Union will bring its territory, specialty, or their favorite time. This multilingual web site (, "What does Europe do for you?") Can show citizens how Europe is involved in choosing their area on the map. More than 1,400 settlements are covered. For example, in Marche-en-Famenne, the Internet user finances the construction of the Novalis Business Center of the European Union, financially supports the La Famenne à vélo bicycle network, or the Intégra Plus community, offering diverse support for vulnerable people. In the second part, the user can check whether the EU operates on a variety of topics related to family, health, leisure, travel, security, consumer choices, and social rights. Or in dozens of sectors, sports, music, television, and more. "Europeans are interested in what the European Union has done for them, and this new website will be an important tool to help Europe bring people closer together," said European Parliament President Antonio Tadjani, a few months before the European elections. About 1,800 records can be accessed and shared, online, or used as PDF files. Last Eurobarometer poll released last month, 68% of respondents agreed that their country had gained access to the EU. In Belgium this figure is 75%. (Belga)

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