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Before the Wall Street election – 06/11/2018 22:08:29


Street VOLL STREET ends

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Wall Street has completed an unfinished session on Tuesday, as investors were reluctant to sign up until the mid-term election results.

Good corporate value and high-tech inventories of low-cost purchases have been backed by a resale price.

The Dow Jones index reached 173.31 points or 0.68% to 25,635.01 points. The wider popularity of S & P-500 reached 17,14 points or 2,755.45 points versus 0.63%. Nasdaq Composite scored 48.95 points (0.67%) to score 7,377.80 points.

"This is really a very small market before elections, which is 22% below the 20-day moving average," said Michael A. Born in the meeting.

"It is used after the tragedy of technology and therefore the market has gone away".

Taking into account the polls, the Republicans will lose the House of Representatives, which is inconvenient to President David Trump and his corporate policy.

Some investors have said that if the Democrats also accept two houses of the Congress, the stock market might be hit hard; on the contrary, if the Republicans retain control of the House of Representatives, investors would like to see further tax benefits.


Apple ranks 1.08% after two days of January 2013, the highest of which fell on Friday and Monday through two days. The technology index has grown by 0.61%.

The commodity sector (+ 1,51%, the best industry growth of the day) is the fertilizer producer Mosaic and FMC, the producer of building materials 10,6% and 3% respectively 9%.

The US and China have held Friday talks in Washington on diplomatic and security matters, and the industrial sector has grown by 1.1% to ease trade tensions between the two countries.

Mylan increased consensus by 16.1 percent in the third quarter, and increased the healthcare sector by 0.52 percent.


Business growth in the US service sector dropped below expectations in October, and monthly surveys of Supply Managers (ISM) managers showed their results on Monday.


The European stock market dropped on Tuesday, as Wall Street was waiting for the results of the US midterm election, which would be decisive for the continuation of the chairmanship of Donald Trump.

The European stock markets were also the cause of the hopeless profits of companies in the eurozone and PMI activity, indicating a decline last month to a record low of 2 years.

In Paris, the CAC 40 index dropped by 0.51% to 5,075.19 points. British Footsi 0.99% and German 0.09%. EuroStoxx 50 index decreased by 0.31%, FTSEurofirst 300 and Stoxx 600 by 0.26%.

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