Saturday , September 25 2021

Beloyl: three-sided PS-Belle-Essentiel-DH


PS and Alliance have been known for the alliance. For comfort, however, Anthony Basilico's journey opens the way.

Beloela is triangular. Anthony Bazilico, Essential's head of movement, was associated with college. Most of them will take 13th place from 23rd place.

Burgess, Luc Wantsingegeneral administrative, personnel, security, mobility, national and civil status.

Michel Duba remains the first deceiver. He manages the work, agriculture, animal welfare and religion. It saves funds as planned.

Marcel Andre for example, on large construction sites such as Favarcq (study classroom). It also has a city, environment, cemetery, housing and natural park.

Alicia Vanderbele It will be the deceit of basic and artistic communal knowledge, libraries and communications. It also maintains culture.

Anthony Basilico he has become a sporty and economically successful apple and has developed Christian Vandebus' skills. It also receives festive events, tourism and twinning.

The college's second wife could have been Catherine Dyubia, but she refused. Lucette Ravez After 18 years, he was first admitted to the college as a CPAS advisor. He will have children, youth, older brothers, people with disabilities, health and social integration plans.

Finally, Christian Vandabut the President will be responsible for the CPP and will manage the employment and DED.

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