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Cellular telephones and malignancies: research


Large scientific research shows that there is a clear link between mobile phone use and oncological diseases.

Cellular telephones and malignancies: research

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Multiple use of mobile phones can cause radical damage, especially in the brain. However, scientists working on this link try to find sufficient evidence.

The latter study is American and has been held for decades. As part of the U.S. National Toxicology Program, this rats are based on a study a "clear" link between the use of cellular telephony and the emergence of cancer.

Male rats exposed to radio waves from mobile phones are threatened by malignant neoplasm, brain tumors and adrenal glands. On the contrary, malignant neoplasms are unclear in female rodents.

If the impact of rodent radiation exceeds our daily effect, researchers can say that there is a clear correlation between the effects of this wavelength and the risk of cancer. However, Adam's waves only come from the local area of ​​the body (when we call a cell phone when we call it) it is very difficult to reproduce the effect of your cell phone in animals, which appears all over the body.

All this "but the exposure power level is much higher than the standard model of human exploitation«Researchers»the results of this study remain relevant to current exposure"Especially when we are exposed to waves from several mobile phones (or during work, public transport, public space, etc.).

Finally, the research has focused on 2G and 3G wireless signals, but it is often used by mobile phones despite the 4G and Wifi.

Let's remind, you can choose your mobile phone based on the waves that it produces SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) or SAR, in English (actual absorption rate). French law Since 2003, there are laptops that have a DAS index less than 2 W / kg but can not even exceed 0.7 W / kg.

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