Saturday , April 1 2023

Complete adolescents' recovery indicates obesity


The planet has a lot of teens, their health is changing, The Lancet medical journal reports.

The study covered 12 healthy adolescents from 1.8 billion adolescents in 195 countries, including smoking, obesity, education, childhood marriages, nutrition, and illness. is not allowed.

"Researcher at the New Brothers Medical Training Center, Matthew Burjaner, says:" There has been a major epidemiological change at the world level. There is a transition to the health of our youth […] From the most dangerous diseases to the rich environment, it is not necessarily good. «

In 2016, 50% of non-communicable diseases among young people aged 10-24 years constitute the burden of illness.

"There is a great deal of chronic illness, which is difficult to handle. Many people are experiencing lifestyle habits, which leads to overweight and obesity, "warned Mr. Beranger.

The study found that around one-fifth of adolescents in the world were overweight or obese, about 120 percent in 1990. It's 180 million. too young or obese adolescents.

More than 195, in one country in the Congo, overweight and obesity all over the world. In almost all countries there is a significant increase in the problem.

"That's great," says Matthew Beananger. The cause (obesity) is associated with the growth of chronic diseases, because it is very difficult and very expensive. Places to increase obesity due to increased chronic illness are still the most economical means to counteract these challenges. «

On the other hand, between 1990 and 2016, the number of young smokers has dropped by about 20% to around $ 136 million.

This new study is an important issue for adolescents' health, with less attention to the health of children and adolescents.

Mr. Beranger, who has been interested in adolescent health for the last decade, says: "We have very vulnerable groups that are very important at the stage of development, they are our teenagers. . In spite of the size of the population, which was very important for the people's living standards, this was a low level of population. Behavior that has developed during adolescence is an adult behavior. «

Mr. Beananger also noticed that it was very difficult to change the lifestyle of adolescents during his years of work.

"There is a lack of obesity and changes in factors related to diabetes, heart disease and cancer," he said.

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