Thursday , August 11 2022

David Halliai: Why did Johnny not call Laura, when she died?


David Halliai and Laura Smet have lost their time. The two sons of Johnny Halde's are united in the death of their fathers.

France still does not know about it, but the page has changed. Poit has just died. On December 5-6, Johnny Hallayik was diagnosed with cancer. Markets-La-Cocktaine is a hit for Laetikia, which prepares to release a press release. Johnny's older children do not know their fathers were dead. Professor Alain Toledano announces the terrible news about David about 23 hours. Face camera during interview Seven-eightTuan's eldest son tells him what to do next. He understands that he is responsible. « I realized that I was calling Laura right away «. Because he knows better than his sister. Delicate, sensual, deep in the skin.

but David Halllayt first decides to call Natalie Bay. She knows that Laura will be the biggest supporter of her death after she has died. And Laura needs everything to overcome this difficulty. With tears in his eyes, Ilona's father finally summoned his sister. His words are in line Paris Matches : « He left «. Laura fell. David goes to him. He decides not to follow his father.

The singer is still sorry. Johnny will never be separated. When he sees the last moment, David goes out of the way. « I spent the day waiting for him to go to his hospitalized office and could not do it «. He writes a letter to his father. He said that Johnny would never read it.

Anthony Verdot-Belaval


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