Wednesday , October 5 2022

Diabetes is another reason to take care of yourself


This is World Diabetes Day and diabetes in Ruanda-Norman wants to democratize these chronic diseases.

Type 1 diabetes is caused by pancreas, which does not provide insulin sufficient for glucose and, therefore, sugar transformation.

People are injecting insulin several times a day. A child or adult adult is diagnosed.

Type 2 diabetes develops in adults due to the habits of developed lifestyle, for example, poor diet, lack of exercise, or social and economic factors.

An administrator of diabetes in Rwanda-Normandy, Ann-Marie Seppenier, 23-year-old type 1 diabetes.

She sees the message as a concern for her illness.

"We eat so well that it's easier to control life. Of course, insulin is always the first. We are also subjected to severe persecution, daily chewing gum, insulin, and injecting drug use. «

– Ann-Marie Seppenier

Find as many people as possible

There are 240 people in Rwanda's diabetes mellitus. The organization offers diabetic children's support services, conferences and camps in the region.

Anne-Marie Trepanier is expected to have a baby in the coming months, requiring that her pregnancy be even tougher to control diabetes.

A young woman believes that the World Day is also a great way to raise awareness.

"We want to inform them about the disease and talk to them as much as possible, as many of us know about the illness, [ils] they may take care of them. We were very happy with the best teams in the region. «

– Ann-Marie Seppenier

To set the date, Diabetic Ruan-Norman invites you to blue light to support your cause, and invite you to share your photo with social networking sites #diabeteRN hash. Different prizes go to the stand.

World Diabetes Day is celebrated on November 14, every year, by Frederick Banting, a scientist who has found insulin.

In the near future, on November 16, in Rio de Janeiro, Proxim Côte, Goulet and Savard pharmacies, and on November 19, Bruno's pharmacy of Place Rouanda will be two screenings.

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