Monday , January 30 2023

Echoed by Eden Hazard and Meunier (straight, 1-0)


This is the expected basis of Roberto Martinez's invoice for Iceland's reception at night on Thursday. The Romelu Lukaku package, which hosts the scorers, is the Bichuan Futsal Stadium at the Royal Bowman 2018. In the center of doubts in Valencia there will be traditional duet, Eden Azar and Drister Mertzten.

On the left, Yannick Carrasko, just leaving China, was not in the match, and replaced by Hazard Thorgan from Matz Sels. There are several substitutions for using the best part of the squad but Dennis Pratten should be seen on Sunday, according to the national team version.

Facts of the Match:

11 & # 39; This is the first opportunity at the meeting. Vicente finds Märten, he is well-acquainted with Blatchweiss, but the Icelandic striker has failed.

17 & # 39; Write a letter to Batshuayi! In one half of the Icelandic tournament, the Belgians recovered the ball in the half of the field. Riders rush to Batshuayi in front of the Mertens Center. It will hit, but the ball will be thrown out.

28 & # 39; Batchwei's new action and another failure. Eden Hazard can find Micrarius in a rectangle. The attacker does not spin or hit. The referee relies on this game.

35 & # 39; Eden Hazard, excited at this meeting, also tries to succeed. He made one or two shots with Captain Batshawy, a beautifully-served Tielemans. Hallbarpsson is not surprised and uses leather.

45 & # 39; Iceland at the end of the first stage approached the Belgian goal. After a small mistake in Kompan, Sigurdsson opposes Curtis, but offsite reports.

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