Tuesday , January 31 2023

Effective meditation for the treatment of posttraumatic stress


Medicine believes that Lancaster Psychiatry is effective in treating stress disorders (PTSD) after Friday's dismissal of American PTSD-treated American Soldiers.

state Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) followed by the next traumatic event in the event of death, mortality, serious injury or sexual assault.

It is especially characterized by recurring and invasive memories, the nightmare, the prevention of any traumatic events (place, situation), stress and stress.

Many cases include posttraumatic stress disorder victims of attacks and Soldiers (14% of American troops serving in Iraq or Afghanistan will be killed).

Among the current treatment exposure therapy often used. To gradually expose the person to situations, places, shapes, feelings, noise, odors and memories related to a traumatic event,will be developed"The body does not react intensely to the reminiscent of injury, and therefore reduces the risk of injury.

But this method is painful for PTSD and 30-45% of the patients drop treatment, says the study.

Researchers from three American American universities have experimented with this experience meditation PTSD study with former US 203 former soldiers.

Soldiers, men and women were divided into three groups: one experienced meditation, the other was theoretical course in exposure therapy and third after traumatic stress.

60% of former combatants who have taken daily 20-minute exercises have noticed that their symptoms have improved dramatically.

And they complete the study rather than the group that has completed the study.

Media is a mind-blowing approach to an object or idea intelligence, peace and peace.

«The meditation it can be an experience only, much more all over i anytime, without the use of specialized equipment or personal support"Says Sanford Nidic, author of the study.

«As with the growing problem of post-traumatic stress in the United States, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere in the world, alternative medicine, such as meditation, should be part of the options that healthcare agencies carry out."he says.

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