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In France costs about 5 billion euros are expected


Black Friday: In France costs about 5 billion euros

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Digital Promotion Specialist RetailMeNot Opens the results of the International Research Center's global sales forecast for seven countries in Europe, the United States, and Canada. Until the day of Christmas.

In the United States, after Friday's holidays, after a traditional Thanksgiving holiday, shops are making significant reductions. This year, A month before Christmas, on November 23-26, Cyber ​​will be on Black Friday Weekend. Sales in the Black Sea Since 2013, all transactions are constantly growing online and in the store.

Consumers expect the event very much, but not just: retailers have adapted this event to the French market. RetailMeNot is a global online advocacy specialist in the research center six weeks before the Christmas day in seven European countries (France, Belgium, Germany, UK, Bottom, Italy, Spain), in the United States and Canada.

  • 2018: New record year

Another achievement for the Black Friday in 2018. Compared to last year, corporate off-line and online purchases increased by 5.9% to 5.740 billion euros. Expenses have sprung from Friday to Monday for four days and reached 2,467 billion on Saturday and Sunday, and Saturday was a good day for shopping in France.

The online store has a deal worth 966 million euros for three days. The forecasts are much lower than in physical terms, but e-commerce has increased by 14.3 percent since 2017.

Physical trade trades make a great deal of benefit from this new US consumption process. In fact, stores will collect 4,774 billion euros from Monday to Friday. Retailers are no longer hesitant in making the best advertising campaigns and attracts consumers.

  • Increasingly, in 2013, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Weekend in France

In 2013, French Black Friday plans to spend a total of 482 million euros on an online day off, but it is still unclear in France. In 2018, the estimated costs of online services reached 966 million euros, and for e-commerce, about 100 percent in six years. The only Friday Friday set a record growth of 134 percent in sales for 2013 and 2018.

The trend in Europe coincides with France. In the online sales and stores, it is expected to record 29.438 billion euros (Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, France and Belgium) for 4 days, which will increase by 147 percent since 2013.

Research Methods:

The data is based on the Retail Trade in 2018: Retail Prospects, conducted by RetailMeNot and conducted by the Retail Center in 2018. This study focuses on the importance of the Christmas season for traders in France and six other European countries (Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom). It provides forecasts based on data from national statistical agencies, independent research firms, and companies that cover 50 telephone inquiries in each country and, respectively, 1000 consumer contacts in the United States. In France, the United Kingdom, and Germany, he values ​​the potential of Christmas. The answers were counted in August-September.

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