Sunday , August 14 2022

"It Has Humbly Waited for It"


In late October, the old photos of naked Karin Ferrey returned to the canvas. Cyril Hanoi's program "dance with stars" has led to the opening of the former candidate.

However, although he started a lawsuit against Touche pas à mon poste, beautiful Karine Ferri still has not been able to speak. It's done now, because the partner of football player Joan Gurkuf gave an exclusive interview to Paris. In return, he returns to these pictures: "When I was eighteen years old, I photographed those eighteen years old: one year old, they were sold without my knowledge, and I did not know it in magazines and elsewhere, as if I had dedicated them. I did not do it, it was faith and theft, and I immediately complained, and I won this case in 2004 and they were banned from broadcasting. " .

That is why Caroline Ferry is afraid of Cyril Hanoo and his bandage. In his opinion, the distribution of these photos has been quite specific: it has voluntarily harmed […] What example is there for children to watch his show? It's not a good idea to take these photos out of the ordinary […] This violence is out of context. "

The Global Dancing Stars speaker is far from the "C8" fan of the show: "I did not understand this violence, it's nonsense. I did not hurt the TV or if I did not like disagreements, I always offered programs that would bring good values ​​… (This is not the first time in the TPM home, but at home.

This …

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