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Laura Smeta and David Halliidine require the termination of royalty by Johnny


JUSTICE – Laura Smet and David Khalliever do not want to send anything. According to BFMTV, Brother and Sister invited three record companies (Warner, Universal, and Sony), which are responsible for all of their father's albums. They want to stop these royalties by paying their royalty at the end of September.

Starting with the release of the "My Country – Love" DVD release on October 19th, Warner surpassed one million sales in less than a month. All incoming revenue accounting companies must pay 25% of their sales rights to their respective owners: this is called royalty.

He is currently performing with the American Johnny Halliai Prize in 2014 and says that all royalty should be returned to the trust of the American JPS (Jean-Philippe Smet), led by Leithia Halliai.

November 27 is waiting

Two singers of the singer participate in this competition and block 75% of this royalties to fulfill French law. That is the amount that Laura, David, Jade, and Joe will not give to Latino Halliai when French law is applied.

The Paris court will decide on November 27 to determine whether it is competent or legitimate, BFMTV reports.

Nevertheless, according to BFMTV, record companies have decided not to pay anything to the royalty management company before the start of the trial between the two parties.

"This is a record for a record-keeping company," said AFP Emmanuel Ravanas, BFMTV information, a new episode of the scandal between the two star elders and her widow.

On November 27, Laura Smet and David Halllie hope the Paris court will issue an order on April 13th as the court of Nantes will issue an order when the estate at that time proved Johnny refrigerated. The judge has identified the real mistake of giving the two elders "all the deaths" to JPS Trust, including laceration – a beneficiary of any intervention and / or disposal of real estate. , they can not afford the inheritance share. " Accordingly, "in order to avoid this harm, it is necessary to include certain temporary measures in accordance with the requirements of Laura and David".

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