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Life expectancy in the United States in 2017 has dropped


In the United States there is an increase in drug dosage.
In the United States there is an increase in drug dosage. David Mayletti / AP

According to health statistics published November 29, the life expectancy in 2017 began to decline in the US compared to 2014, largely due to the historical deterioration of the drug drain crisis. "This is the first time we've seen a downward trend following the 1918 big influenza epidemic.", AFP Robert Anderson, head of mortality statistics statistics at the National Center for Health Statistics. The decline in 1918 is, of course, a much stronger one.

The expected life expectancy at birth in 2017 was 76.1 for males and 81.1 for women. The average population was 78.6 years, down from 78.9 in 2014.

Three and a half years less than the border in Canada. "These statistics warn us about the loss of too many Americans for reasons of precaution""said Robert Redfield, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


The beginning of the drug dosing began in the early 2000s, its intensity increased by four years. By 2017, about 70,000 American drug deaths will die from the loss of drugs, which is 10% more than in 2016.

In the case of death, Robert Anderson equates it to the peak of the HIV epidemic: the only difference is that it has dropped rapidly. According to statistics, overdosage occurs in the same way. "We are a developed country, life expectancy must be increased, not less"he says.

Among 35 OECD countries, only in 2016, Iceland has been showing a decline in life expectancy until 2016, only three years. Elsewhere, it grew or stopped.

In the United States, suicides also increased in 2017. Not only did he notice that he had a significant increase in the mortality rate.


There are two types of dosage doses: cocaine, methamphetamine and other psychostimulants, including non-OPMI drugs. 27,000 deaths. The revolt is often associated with the second category: opiates. This is a semi-synthetic catastrophe, which has a recipe like heroin, morphine and oiccone, but is neglected by the black market, usually through the help of doctors and laboratories is a gateway to drug addiction.

Recently, most deaths have come from a new generation: synthetic opiate, such as fentanyl, ten times more powerful than narcotics, where the dose may cause death.

The singer's prince died. The product was used to punish the convict in August in Nebraska. These items are shipped by post, because they will be enveloped in small quantities. From 2015 to 2016, synthetic opiate deaths have doubled. Last year it grew "Only" 45%. This is a relative sign of the expectation of numbers in 2017: the number of doses in dose increases, but the pace is decreasing.

Especially in New England

Preliminary data for 2018 show that the crisis is higher than the previous year. The government of Trump has repeated it. It is difficult to say, however, that we have data in the 2018 quarter.said Robert Anderson, with caution.

America is not the same as plague. In the center of the country, rural areas from Texas to South Dakota are relatively safe. In the acute north-east corner of the crisis in New England, overdose mortality provides more than a quarter of donations to organ transplants.

The former Industrial Zone (Ohio, Pennsylvania) is 22 in the two states, and most notably in the poorest countries of West Virginia, at the beginning of the tragic classification, with 58 deaths per 100,000 people.

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