Tuesday , June 15 2021

Manchester City-Manchester United: High Pressure Derby – England – Abroad

Manchester City gets its opponent from Manchester United. After a prestigious victory of Juventus on Tuesday, in the Champions League, United scored a goal against Pep Guardiola, who scored only 12 goals in the last two games.

600 million viewers in the world watched their TV on Sunday at 17:30 against Manchester City, City against Derby Against Unity. In all competitions, Jose Mourinho's fans have risen to the top when they have won three consecutive "United" and "Chelsea" games.e Currently), can take up to 5e The place after this dual victory.

Guardiola's men have to be on the guard for United, who has won a brilliant victory over a certain Ronaldo (1-2) with Juventus Turin on Wednesday. "Birlik" last year against City with a score of 3-2. In case of defeat, if Chelsee opposes Everton, Manchester City may lose Premier League title and send their place to Blues Maurizio Sarri.

Mourinho first tries to score points

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is pushing his team for the first time to attack their nationals because he does not return his players to the wall. At the special press conference, he assured them, "If we continue to set goals first, there will be a day when we will not return." Before proceeding, "So we have to look not just at our own point of view, but also because we see the team growing, but we have to do our best and start playing. That is, I was against Juventus. «

Pep Guardiola, in his turn, welcomed the latest achievements in the "Unity": "There is no doubt that they have improved." "I see many honest, hack-free aggressive groups, all running forward, each runs behind the ball, the team shows good and bad times, and when they are convinced."

To Lukaku United, unknown to Paul Pogba

Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku was unable to fight for Derby. José Mourinho said at the press conference that the semi-finalist of the World Cup in Russia said that he would be ready for training on Friday and that he would be ready after Saturday's training. .

In turn, Paul Pogba may miss the strike. As a result of the injury, the world champion made his own training this Friday. If Paul wanted to lose Pogba, it would be a great hit for the United. Indeed, Pogba took the lead in his team's last season's win, dropped two minutes in two minutes, and scored his team to equalize his team's lead with Red Star 2: 0. The combined team scored 3 points and scored 2 points.

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