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Mean Marc and Prince Harry do not want to live with William and Kate Middleton now!


Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Marxel, settled in the Kensington Court in the cottage, starting at a wedding. The British press is trying to find out whether this decision is behind.

After marriage to Prince Harry, Megan Marlene was allowed to go with him at the Kensington Court. From the main wings and buildings to countless numbers and camps, couples live in the Nottingham cottage, the smallest house on the Royal Property. The young couple who are recently in the 120m ² house are located a few meters from the residence of Prince William and his wife, Keith Middleton. Nevertheless, according to Dailymail, future parents leave their nest. According to the edition, the Duchess of Sussex and Dussesses want a great home that will allow the child to grow up. This is the official reason for the departure. The British media reports that the refinement of relations between Megan Marcle and Kate Middleton may raise concerns about air change.

According to DailyMail, Harry and Megan want to move, they need a lot of space, but they do not want to be close to Williams and Keith. «. Part 1 of the Kensington Court was once a new home for a young couple. The Dukes of Gloucester and his wife, the present-day residents of the famous building, refused to leave home. Choice of Mega and Harry. The couple would have been better off than Prince William and Duchess Kate had acquired a neighboring apartment. If they did not want to raise their children, future parents decided to start a family life outside the palace wall. « Kensington has no reason to be their homeAccording to DailyMail, There are many other options, such as using your own money to buy your own home. «

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