Saturday , April 1 2023

Mortality in Quaregnon: Agnelick and Jean-Michel died in a short circuit



This morning, Quaregnon had a great fire in the morning.

It was a tragic accident this Saturday morning in Quaregnon, César Depafé Street. Angelic D and his father-in-law Jean-Michel B were killed in a fire in their home. In addition, three children were poisoned during the operation and the fire brigade slightly injured. «I came at 6:30 " says mayor of Quaregnon Jean Pierre Lepin (PS). "The fire was very impressive, firefighters could not enter the house because they were strong in the fire, but they did a good job."

Shortly after six o'clock, firefighters at the Mons barracks were invited here. Six-person Angelik, Olivier and their three children (3, 4, and 12-year-old girls and two children) and Jean-Michel's brothers' brothers burned.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the number of firefighters, it's already late. Jean-Michel, his brother, already died, and the other – Angelic, tried to flee from the flame. Despite the attempts to recover security services, there was a fall.

His father and his three little children were evacuated, but they were smoked. Before taking them to the Epicure clinic in Horne, he took care of his neighbor. «A real drama with a small, small street with her family ", Jean-Pierre Lepin continues. "These three children are no longer mothers after they live, and that's scary."

The accusation of the bonus was explicitly stated. In the morning, he went to the lab and magistrates. Their conclusions are clear: this is a short circuit in the verandic radiator that emits fire. It was the biggest of three children who had warned his father in six hours, a strong smell of veranda.

The children's school has been mobilized

Three children go to school at Wasmuel School. From Monday school teachers organize a suit of clothing (3-4 year old girl, 4-5 year old boy and 10-12 year old boy). Players' donations are also accepted as financial aid.

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