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NBA: The lebrid James is still high


NBA: The lebrid James is still high

Los Angeles Lakers League LeBron Jame (d) Played NBA game on November 14, 2018 at Portland Trail Blazerz in Los Angeles, Harry Howard

James Levon continues to resist the NBA: his 44th goal was the fifth largest ever scorer in history with 44 points against Portland, and 31,425 in regular season since 2003.

He can earn titles and dignity such as three league wizards, four MVP trophies (NBA's best player) or two golden Olympic gold medals, after the siren sounds, King James is the youngest teenager to collect his match at Acron, Ohio, such as attack.

Portland's victory over the ball (126-117) is truly historic because it allowed him to defeat the legendary Uilt Cumberland, who had scored 31,419 points in his career in 1959-1973.

In the usual season, James started with a total of 31,381 points. Lekster starred in superstars, scoring 16 points in the third place, starting with 44 points (68.4% in the success), 10 with a selection and nine assistants.

"When I was passing through such hats, he reminded me that he was a kid from Akron, and I had to make a lot of effort to achieve it, and I was not satisfied with that," he explained.

He took the 7th place in the historical scoring table, which already held Dirk Nowitski and Wilt Chamberlain. Well, if he continues with this pace (27 points in the game), he will surpass his model in early January by Michael Gordon (4th, 32,292 points).

But the most important thing for the "LBJ" is that in the summer of Lakers, he wrote, he begins to scare.

– broken access to Rondo –

They won the last four matches and rose to the 7th place at the Western Conference (8-6d).

"It takes time, but in the past two and a half months, we have achieved a lot, and we are working well with our employees," he said. In November, he was criticized by his predecessor, Magician Johnson.

Laker's beautiful night is damaged by Rajon Rondo's injury and disappears for several weeks.

In other nighttime debates, Jimmy Butler has denied his debut against Orlando in Philadelphia (111-106) three days after his Minnesota start.

Butler scored 14 goals in 33 minutes (12 out of 6) in his first match at the Whites.

Philadelphia began with a score of 16 at the beginning of the fourth period (92-76), but Butler and his new team have fallen asleep on the image of Nicola Vuchevisac 21-0 and scored 30 points and eight flexibility.

"It's not the result we're hoping for, but we have to do all the hard work," said Butler, who asked him to leave Minnesota early in the season. disputes with several players.

The leader of the East Conference in Toronto, lost this season at Raptor's after five seasons and several times in the play-offs, from Dave Casey to Detroit 106-104.

Blake Griffin scored 30 points for Pistons (6, 7v-6d), and Toronto currently divides the season's top record (12v-3d) into the Golden State.

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