Thursday , October 21 2021

New York Warhol exhibition returning to myth for an upcoming audience


Its Marilyn and soup banners are part of our culture, but the Whitney Museum in New York offers a wider and more sophisticated view of Andy Warhol, especially for an upcoming audience, at an exhibition opening on Monday.

Shortly after 32 years after his death, he repeatedly attacked the king of pop-arts, which is a subject of hundreds of exhibitions and retrospectives.

In the last months of his life, along with the artist Donna De Salvoi, the Whitney Museum of Contemporary and Contemporary American Art in New York has begun to work.

Donna de Salvo recalled that the last retrospective in the US was in 1989 at the Institute of Controversy, and "has changed Charles's vision", and reminiscent of the opening of the exhibition, which will officially open Monday. unanswered questions ".

"It is not easy to be surprised by one of the contemporary artists," admitted director Adam Wainberg.

The museum is located on the Hudson coast, located in the district of Meppaktsin, and is aimed at tempting the minds and ordinary people.

To achieve this, the three-storey museum dedicated its entire career to Warhol's career as an advertising illustrator for his abstraction.

It will close on March 31, 2019 in San Francisco and Chicago in October.

– "The artist of our time"

An artist, artist, artist, photographer, show producer, publisher (magazine "Journal of End", "Andy Warhol – Interview") and even curator of their exhibitions.

An important part of the over 300 featured product is dedicated to silver-hair illustrations for videos, experimental films, cultural programs and advertisements.

Apart from multimedia measurements, the exhibition invites Warhol to fashion, tries to experiment, and to others, as well as its imprint.

"Topic titles, media, popular culture, show business, and politics make our lives more out of today's life," says Adam Weinberg.

The exhibition hides a prominent political figure behind aesthetic criterion from more than 100 institutions and collectors.

In the midst of all, the image and power of the representation, the structured manifestation of his advertising experience, in the 1950s.

"Warhol is an artist of our time," says Adam Weinberg, "especially in the middle of a kind of self-titled picture or movie star."

From Campbell's Soup to Marilyn Monroe to Mao Tse-Tung, his exact name is with Andrew Varfolk's daily icons, and to Coca-Cola – even brand-name to fully document his or her life and work.

If the exhibition displays screen printing, vivid colors, and taste for these unique pictures, Warhol will never go into its kind, even if it succeeds.

His films, his collaboration with Jean-Michelle Basquiat, and the journey of the abstract source are proofs.

In 1978, at the age of 50, the shadows began an abstract series, deliberately dropping pop-pictures.

Whitney's exhibition for Man Weinberg is "looking for this light forever, but with a new look at the secret work." "The more complex and potentially powerful Potter looks better than what is thought."

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