Thursday , August 18 2022

Pay attention to cardiovascular, fermented milk products


The relationship between dairy products and cardiovascular diseases is improving. According to Finnish researchers, the study was published British Food Magazinemen who use "yeast" of these products reduce the risk of heart disease. And this is not the case with typical dairy products that can not be eaten at all.

Cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese or kefir is a good example of fermented milk products. Various studies have suggested that blood pressure and cardiovascular disease are affected. But are they good for heart than other dairy products? The research was conducted by scientists from the Eastern Finland University.

Fourth rating drops!

For this purpose they are between the ages of 42-60, 1984-1989. He has studied nutrition skills of nearly two thousand compatriots. During the 20 years of training, 472 men were diagnosed with an ischemic heart disease episode.

Then the participants were divided into different groups depending on the consumption of dairy products. The results have reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease by 26%, selecting fermented variants.

If all the mechanisms that lead to this result are inaccurate, the authors Useful ingredients should appear during fermentation «. In their opinion, this will increase the idea of ​​changing dairy products' delights, ignoring yoghurts or cheeses.

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