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Private sector: 30,200 new jobs were created in the 3rd quarter


Private sector: 30,200 new jobs were created in the 3rd quarter

According to InseeTHOMAS SAMSON, the private sector has created 14th jobs

According to the announced time budget estimates of INSEE, the private sector in the third quarter owing to the dynamics of construction work in the third quarter, 30.2 thousand new jobs (+ 0.2%).

During the year 211 100 workplaces (+1,1%) were created in the companies, 19,43 mln. In the second quarter, growth was 0.1% (+22,400).

In July-September hired workers grew sharply with construction (+ 0,5% or + 0,8% + 6,800). Stabilized in this area (+800, later – 2,400). More than a year ago, the number of employed people reached 28,800 people and industry reached 5,200.

Individual employment in market services: + 0,2% (+ 23,300) increased by the same rate (+22,000) in the previous quarter to 169,600. Private noncommercial employment was stable in the third quarter and was stable for more than a year (+ 0,1%).

In the third quarter of 2018 temporary employment decreased: -1.3%, then – 0.6% (or after -4 700 – 10,300). However, more than a year ago (+2,6% or +20,200) remains.

In addition, the main monthly salary index (SME) in companies with 10 or more employees increased by 0.3% in the third quarter and by 1.5% in comparison with the same period last year, DARES, the Department of Statistics of the Ministry of Labor. At the same period (September 2017 – September 2018), however, consumer prices rose by 1.9% for comparison.

The average collective weekly working time remained constant at 35.6 hours as of September 30, 2018.

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