Saturday , January 28 2023

Radio is digital with DAB +: what does this give you?


On Thursday, public, private, and independent radio broadcasts began to be used in Brussels and Wallonia for digital terrestrial radio broadband (DAB +), which ultimately replaces the FM band. Reports by Jessica Niebel and Michael Harvey.

This morning, managers of public and private radio stations gathered to activate DAB +. Broadcasting is digital, available everywhere and is free of charge. No need to connect to the Internet.

"I do not need a subscription to listen to digital radio, and I'm sure this is a very fundamental elementJean-Claude Marcourt, the media minister of the Federation of Wolonines-Brussels, explains. You have good sound quality, listening is great, and you have the opportunity to enrich it because you can send other messages with the sound in the program.

In the nearest future, you'll see a photo of a host on the radio screen, car or home, the cover of the album you are listening to, or the information and streaming information. In any case, not all listeners have a digital radio. Only 30% of new cars are equipped with DAB +.

At present DAB + has 16 radio stations

"Listen, we can keep you in DAB +"says Eric Adelbrecht, president of "You can do this by buying the DAB + device instead of the old radios that should be in the kitchen""he says. "And when you buy a new car, choose DAB +, which is now available to all distributors."

Transition to DAB + has made over 13 million euros in recent years thanks to government funding. At present, DAB + has 16 radio stations, but their number is expected to rise to about 30 in the next year. Internet radio stations should respond to the call for a tender to join DAB + in 2019. If you are listening to FM radio in your canteen, do not throw the unit immediately. Analog and digital listening modes must be combined.

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