Tuesday , January 31 2023

Roberto Martinez after defeating the devil: "We forgot everything"


The Red Devils

Roberto Martinez drew attention to the problem of mental health: "It's not just old age, we've protected something bad …"

"We want to be the first … It's a great loss, it's very hard to lose that match if it's easier for you to get your opponent down, then 0-2 did not allow that."

Like all the devils, Roberto Martinez was in a state of shock and anxiety. He did not want to search for a fake excuse. As arbitration: "The main point was punishing or not, I believe in the referee".

He also did not use Romelu Lukaku or Kevin De Bruyne bundles. "I do not talk about the outsiders, because our first meeting showed that we could reach the highest level without them, and we thought it would be a challenge for us at the start of the meeting. There was no problem with Switzerland's first goal.

But then everything fell. Mentality was unsuccessful. But the coaches did not see it. Or, in any case, openly admit it. "Half a half later, I did not think the group had much faith, no, it was not only a smile, it was a good thing, we lost control and concentration. We did not defend it well and we did not build a block, even after the corner we got our goal … "

Now the trainer and his staff will listen to the news and keep moving forward and avoid the flood.

"It's a tough moment, we have to be strong"Roberto Martinez finishes. "We must understand what happened, we learn from it, but it has nothing to do with refusing Wales …"

Even though it is so bad, there are some similarities.

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